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Seafood Dishes

Sauciety Serves Seafood Dishes in a Chic Hotel Near The Esplanade

Sauciety, located in a waterfront hotel in the National Harbor, is a seafood restaurant with a chic yet laid-back flair. Its association with a hotel means that you can visit at almost any hour of the day—for a leisurely breakfast, lunch date, family dinner, or for late night drinks with some friends—and you’ll be sure to find a spot without…

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Vietnamese Fare

Caphe Banh Mi: Savor the Flavors of Vietnamese Fare Near The Esplanade

While Old Town in Alexandria draws visitors for a glimpse into Colonial American history, Alexandria’s dining scene is thoroughly contemporary and international. One restaurant that exemplifies these qualities is Caphe Banh Mi, a Vietnamese restaurant that NoVa food critics have called one of the region’s best casual eateries. The dining room at Caphe Banh Mi is quite cozy, with intimate…

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May your day be touched with a little bit of the luck of the Irish!

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Momo Sushi & Cafe

Craving Japanese Fare at The Esplanade? You’ll Find It at Momo Sushi & Cafe

Sushi lovers will be glad to discover Momo Sushi & Cafe in Alexandria’s Old Town neighborhood, located just minutes from The Esplanade. This family-owned restaurant specializes in sushi combination plates, which regulars say are an especially enjoyable way to experience this traditional Japanese cuisine. To order sushi at Momo Sushi & Cafe, especially during the noon hour, you’ll simply indicate…

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