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Bite Into a Bronut at EatsPlace

EatsPlace was designed by a team of local chefs and foodies to provide a springboard for other culinarians. It’s a commercial kitchen and event space that hosts pop-up restaurants, local food producers, and private parties. The ever-changing roster of resident chefs, and the unique dishes they create, make EatsPlace a one-of-a-kind venue in the DC area.

So what’s currently trending at EatsPlace? That would have to be the Bronut, a hybrid brownie-doughnut drizzled with icing and flecked with rainbow sprinkles. People from all around Alexandria and DC are flocking to EatsPlace to try this decadent mash-up, but you can also order a dozen Bornuts through AmazonPrime if you’re within the designated delivery area. While you’re at it, add the ABJ, a grilled almond-butter-and-jelly sandwich on gluten-free bread, or the curry chicken salad with rainbow slaw.