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Pilates ProWorks

Build Strength at Pilates ProWorks

Pilates ProWorks specializes in low-impact Pilates classes that make you break a sweat. All classes here are built around custom-built FitFormer machines, and incorporate a variety of other creative elements into your workout.

The Reformer classes incorporate short periods of cardio work into the longer pilates-inspired series, so you’ll really be able to get your heart rate up. The Matbox classes combine traditional pilates with kickboxing sessions in order to build explosive strength alongside lengthening and strengthening exercises. The Tone and Flow classes combine pilates and yoga techniques to develop core strength and a calm, centered mental state.

The pricing structure at Pilates ProWorks allows you to choose four, ten, or unlimited classes each month for a single, fixed price. The idea is to allow students to have maximum scheduling flexibility while keeping your costs down. Check the website for a full class schedule.

Pilates ProWorks 

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