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Caphe Banh Mi: Savor the Flavors of Vietnamese Fare Near The Esplanade

While Old Town in Alexandria draws visitors for a glimpse into Colonial American history, Alexandria’s dining scene is thoroughly contemporary and international. One restaurant that exemplifies these qualities is Caphe Banh Mi, a Vietnamese restaurant that NoVa food critics have called one of the region’s best casual eateries.

The dining room at Caphe Banh Mi is quite cozy, with intimate dining tables perfect for small groups. The kitchen specializes in casual Vietnamese favorites like banh mi sandwiches, hot steaming bowls of pho, and fruity-flavored bubble teas. Yelp reviewers recommend the imperial rolls as a starter, followed by either The Works pho or a hearty plate of lemongrass chicken. Keep in mind that this place is popular and you may need to wait for a table if you arrive during peak dinner hours. In a rush? Call the restaurant and place an order for take-out to enjoy at The Esplanade.

Caphe Banh Mi
407 Cameron Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 549-0800