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Movies on the Potomac

Catch a Flick Outdoors This Summer at Movies on the Potomac

Starting in May 2016, local residents are invited out for the area’s annual Movies on the Potomac. Every Thursday at 7 p.m., grab your sweetheart or your group of friends for a late night movie. On Sundays starting at 6 p.m., families are invited out for a family-friendly movie.

Between May through July alone, families can come out to see family-friendly flicks like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Meet the Robinsons, Toy Story 3, Maleficent, Minions, Surf’s Up, and more. Couples can enjoy movies like Sleepless in Seattle, Interstellar, Hitch, Dirty Dancing, and others. Date night and family night movies run through the end of September, and they make great ways to get outdoors and relax with your loved ones. As the movies start, guests will be treated to a stunning sunset over the water while a nearby ferris wheel spins round and round at this beautiful waterfront setting.

Movies may be changed or canceled due to inclement weather. For a complete schedule of movies, visit the National Harbor website.

Movies on the Potomac
165 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD 20745