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Channel Your Inner Artist with The Esplanade’s Paint ‘N’ Sip Night, Hosted by Wine & Canvas



Have you heard friends talking about paint ‘n’ sip events, or seen their gorgeous masterpieces posted on Facebook and Instagram? Now you can channel your own inner artist at our upcoming painting event!

This Wednesday, November 4, The Esplanade invites you to a Paint ‘N’ Sip Night, hosted by Wine & Canvas. This event will be held from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

The fee to participate is $30 per person, and Esplanade residents may have ONE registered visitor to accompany them to this event.

For registration and payment, visit, go to “Locations” and click on “Baltimore, MD.” At the top of the page, click on “Private Events Calendar,” click on the month of November, and select “November 4 “The Esplanade” and follow the prompts to register and pay. We hope to see you there!

Whether you are a budding artist or just want to create a masterpiece at our upcoming Paint ‘N’ Sip Night, the following tips (courtesy of Craftsy) can help you harness your inner painter:

1. Choose appropriate brushes

Certain brushes are better for canvas painting than others. For instance, your delicate watercolor brushes will get eaten alive on the sturdy canvas surface: they’re too soft and delicate to apply paint assertively. In general, specifically designed acrylic or oil paint brushes will be a better choice, with longer handles and stiffer bristles which both hold and spread the thicker paint better on canvas.

2. Adjust colors appropriately

While oil paints will dry about the same color as they look when applied, acrylic paint will dry slightly darker than it looks while you’re painting. Adjust your color mixes accordingly so that the finished piece isn’t darker than you want it to be. You can test the end result before you take paint to canvas by painting a little bit of a color a piece of scrap paper and seeing how dark the swatch dries.

3. Experiment with a medium

Painting on canvas is a great time to play around with a medium. A medium can be added to acrylic or oil paint to create cool effects in painting, many of which are specifically intended for use on canvas. There is a variety to choose from, ranging from oil paint media which can make either a high-gloss or matte finish to acrylic media, which can add body, gloss or texture to your finished painting.