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Chow Down on Southern-Style Fare at Succotash

If you’re in the mood for gourmet Southern cuisine, stop by Succotash. As soon as you stroll through the doors, you’ll be surrounded by dishes that range from fried chicken and waffles to roasted salmon, barbecue Beyond burgers, and Delta rice bowls. You’ll be expanding your palate with hearty, decent-sized portions with bold rich flavor in each bite. A few of their most popular dishes that might pique your interest include deviled eggs, smoked chicken wings, fried green tomato salad, pulled pork sandwich, and hummingbird cake for dessert. 

While you dine in, take in the ambiance of the place that’s clean and organized with low lighting, providing a more cozy, intimate setting. They also have modern decor to add vibrancy to the restaurant with a horse and other unique sculptures, a few plants hanging on the walls, an elegant bar to order cocktails and wine from, and outdoor seating on their patio. 

Visit for a home-cooked meal, and don’t forget to order a glass of refreshing wine to pair with it!