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CrossFit Old Town: Amp Up Your Workout Routine

When you hear the word “CrossFit,” you might immediately think of a fitness routine that’s only appropriate for hardcore fitness fanatics. But actually, the opposite is true. CrossFit is a workout routine that can easily be tailored to any level of athletic ability, starting at a slow pace and advancing as your body gets stronger. Allow the coaches at CrossFit Old Town to introduce you to the workout.

Their 3,700-square-foot facility is equipped with everything you need to get going, including top-notch exercise equipment, air conditioning, and even showers for men and women. That means you can easily squeeze in a Workout of the Day (WOD) before heading to the office and still show up as fresh as a daisy. The coaches will help you modify any of the functional movements, such as squatting and lifting, as you move through the WOD at your own pace.