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Enjoy a Summer Stroll Along the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail

Have you ever wondered what types of fish are floating in the Potomac River? Unique underfoot works of art shed some light on the river dwellers in the park portion of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail. Where the trail crosses over bustling I-495, a small park contains pavers etched with the different species swimming in the currents below. Thanks to a plexiglass barrier, the buzz of the traffic is all but erased so you can take your time enjoying the masterpieces before hopping back on your bike or continuing your walk.

The local trail stretches a little more than three miles from Alexandria to the National Harbor, arching over the river and the highway for stunning views of Mother Nature and the city skyline. The concrete trail has plenty of space for cyclists, walkers, and runners alike, so the next time you’re looking for something to do outside, plan a stroll. The trail also boasts plentiful vantage points with viewing scopes so you can check out the surrounding scenery.