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Esplanade's Puppy Costume Contest

Enter Your Dog in The Esplanade’s Puppy Costume Contest Oct. 24 – 31, 2015!

Dogs Halloween

Image credit: Jersey Girl Talk


***Please also note that on October 24, 2015 from 12pm – 2pm, The Esplanade will participate in The National Harbor’s Trick or Treat event by giving out candy to trick or treaters (all trick or treaters are welcomed!) – Mark your calendars!


Even though Halloween is still a few weeks away, it’s already time to start planning for the events that take place during this fun holiday. And if you have a furry friend, now is also the time to start shopping for a cute costume so he or she can get in on the fun!

From October 24 – 31, The Esplanade at National Harbor will host a Puppy Costume Contest so your pooch can put his or her contest to the test. During this week, Esplanade residents are invited to bring their pup in his/her costume to the Concierge desk to have their picture taken. Each pup’s picture will be posted on The Esplanade’s Facebook page, and the pup with the most votes/likes will win a $50 PetSmart gift card!

Will your dog become a social media superstar? After we post your pup’s picture on Facebook, be sure to share the photo and ask everyone you know to like the photo and share with their networks, too.

If you’re looking for adorable costumes, PetSmart has a wide selection of outfits for dogs of all sizes. Your pooch could dress as anything from Eeyore and Captain America to a ladybug or a caterpillar.

We’ve gathered some of the best pet costumes from around the web to give you some inspiration. Here are nine cute and/or funny Halloween costumes for dogs:


1. Batman and Robin

Dog Batman



2. Chia Pet

Dog Chia



3. Ewoks

Dog Ewoks



4. Ghost

Dog Ghost



5. Harry Potter

Dog Harry Potter



6. Hipster

Dog Hipster



7. Pope

Dog Pope



8. Pumpkin

Dog Pumpkin



9. Taco

Dog Taco