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Georgie's Pilates Loft

Experience the Perks of Practicing Pilates at Georgie’s Pilates Loft

If you’re growing bored with your go-to workout, maybe it’s time to throw in a specialty fitness class or two. Georgie’s Pilates Loft can help. The Alexandria-based studio not only offers mat Pilates, but also hosts classes revolving around the Reformer, Wunda Chair, and the Pilates Tower.

These three pieces of equipment intensify the practice of Pilates without upping the risk of injury by increasing resistance while lowering impact. The instructors at Georgie’s Pilates Loft hold small classes and private sessions geared toward getting you comfortable with the mat, the Reformer, and other pieces of equipment. If you commit to attending regularly, the staffers promise you’ll see drastic changes in your body for the better, and may even experience fewer aches and pains. Come to a class at Georgie’s and experience the classes for yourself.

Georgie's Pilates Loft