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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

The holiday season is a great time to wind down as the end of the year approaches. It is a time to reflect on the year and to spend quality time with family members. Most of us find that everyday life can be stressful and we tend to get into a routine that can sometimes make hours seem like days, days seem like weeks, weeks seem like months etc. The holiday season give us a chance to sit back and realize just how quickly time moves on and take a real appreciation for the people and things that really matter to us.

The holiday season is also a time full of fun things! These final few months are equipped with family gatherings, great food, television specials, classic movies and timeless music. Sharing these moments and a full stomach with loved ones is a feeling that we all cherish. While people celebrate the holiday season in many different ways and the food can be different on each of our tables one thing that we all share is great music. The staff here at The Esplanade would like to share our favorite songs and treats for the holiday season with all of you. We hope you enjoy and add them to your holiday traditions!

1. Dean Martin “Winter Wonderland”- Talk about a classic! The smooth soothing voice of Dean Martin really paints a picture of the beauty of ground being full of bright white snow and the bare trees covered with snow as well. Although a great view to take a stroll in we can’t forget that snow also means that is very cold outside!

2. Boys II Men “Let It Snow”- Sticking with the theme of snow this group of talented singers belts out a great ballad. Although the song was released not too long ago we think its safe to say this song will be timeless.

3. Idina Menzel & Michael Buble “Baby It’s Cold Outside”- Classic song but with modern day artist. It helps that the video is lead by a couple of cute kids! Buble is considered by some to be like a modern day Sinatra and with Menzel achieving much desired recognition after her success with the movie Frozen this may just be best song of the 2014 Holiday Season.

It would not be a holiday blog with at least mentioning deserts! Here are two favorites that should be on everyone’s desert list!

1. Zuccarini Cookies- Delicious and easy to make!

2. Peppermint Bark- Another quick recipe that takes about 20 minutes!