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Charlie Brown Christmas

Get in the Holiday Spirit at ICE! Featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas

It takes almost three weeks, 36 trucks, and approximately two million pounds of ice to create ICE! featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. The ice gets shipped in from a nearby factory, and once it arrives, artists from Harbin, China get to work. Considering their homeland is only a stone’s throw from Siberia, they’re used to freezing temperatures. In fact, the idea of an ice festival stems from an ancient Chinese tradition.

Using their skills, they’ve shaped the huge blocks of ice into a winter wonderland again for ICE! This year, the festival showcases a Charlie Brown theme. So you’ll actually see Charlie, his friends, and some of the best-known pieces from the Peanuts world (like Lucy’s “Psychiatric Help” booth) interspersed throughout the icy indoor tundra.