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Get Ready for Your Close-Up at The Muse Box Selfie Museum

When’s the last time you snapped a selfie worth posting? If you’ve been holed up in your apartment in sweats for the past year and a half, we have the perfect excuse to get glammed up and set foot outside: it’s The Muse Box Selfie Museum at the National Harbor.

It opened in May with more than 20 one-of-a-kind photo op sets, a totally new type of art gallery. Each distinct set serves as the stage for another unique selfie. Start in the aptly named “Money Room,” where you can literally bathe in faux cash as you snap a selfie. Then move onto the Prada corner and make-believe you’re shopping designer bags with every click of the camera. Get playful in the adult-sized ball pit and pose proudly in front of a colorful work of art worthy of a traditional museum. You’ll even get the chance to sit in a wicker basket swing surrounded by sunflowers, an homage to the early days of fall. Reserve your tickets online to experience The Muse Box Selfie Museum for yourself.