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Ginger Brings Asian Fusion Fare to National Harbor

Throughout Asia, ginger is a critical ingredient. Grated in stir fries, pickled beside sushi, or brewed in tea, you’ll find some form of ginger in a seemingly endless list of popular Asian dishes. Ginger, the National Harbor restaurant named after this critical ingredient, not only recognizes this importance but celebrates it, inviting guests on “a culinary tour of Asia” through authentic cuisine.

With Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese foods showcased, it should come as no surprise that Ginger boasts an extensive menu. From congee and pad thai to panang curry and kung pao chicken, you’ll find all your favorites and then some, no matter what country’s classic dishes you tend to prefer. Of course, you’ll find plenty of options featuring ginger, in particular. Pick a live lobster to be served sauteed in a ginger scallion sauce or opt for three cups chicken, made with ginger, garlic, and asian basil. Or, wash down your dish of choice with a gingerita, featuring ginger syrup and ginger beer amidst other flavors.