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Flight Deck

Grab a Frosty Beer at Flight Deck

Given that Flight Deck is only open on spring and summer weekends, it makes sense that the outdoor lounge would tweak the traditional happy hour. Instead of offering drink specials during the after-work hours, Flight Deck hosts its happy hour from noon to 4 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday. During this window, you can snag special prices on the Cherry Blossom Lager from nearby Delaware, the Americannon American Pale Ale from Baltimore, or a glass of wine.

Enjoy your drink with a small plate from the modest list of apps, salads, and sweets. The Sweet and Salty Sampler conveys a smorgasbord of honey wheat pretzel sticks, grapes, apple wedges, and caramel dipping sauce. The buffalo chicken wrap bites come swathed in lettuce and drizzled with blue cheese dressing. The cannoli dip and milk-chocolate-covered Oreos serve as a couple of your sweeter options at Flight Deck.

Flight Deck 

Public Domain/Pixabay/asiabasia