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Living Near Beach

Why Living by the Water is Good for Your Health

Let’s face it: people love living by the water. Most Americans live on the coasts. Primitive man lived near the water due to the abundance of seafood. Although it’s possible to eat top-notch seafood in landlocked states nowadays, as someone who’s living at The Esplanade, you already know that living by the water is awesome. Constantly hearing the water is calming. Seeing waterscapes outside your window every day is a great way to reconnect with and appreciate nature. You’re also nearby water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing.

And if you find that living by water makes your life better, know that it’s not all in your head. Research shows that living the by the water may even increase your well-being.

The minerals from the sea lessen stress. Hearing the waves lapping affects brain wave patterns and produces a state of relaxation. Salt in the water can help preserve tryptamine, serotonin and melatonin levels in the brain—these levels are thought to aid in diminishing depression and increasing your sense of well-being. Negatively charged ions may help combat free radicals, suggests

Water temperature also can help you, depending on the season. According to Connie Hernandez, MD, and Marcel Hernandez, MD, of Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, California as published on, “cool water in the spring and fall months provides a soothing treatment for your nerves, while warmer waters in the summer months relax your muscles.”

Physically being in the water also has positive effects. When you’re floating, blood is diverted from our lower limbs and pumped toward the abdominal region and near the heart. Fresh blood around the body means more oxygen goes toward our brains and makes us more alert and active.

Plus, exercising in the water is great for your joints. Swimming means you can get in a hard workout without having to worry about the wear and tear on your joints that other high-impact exercise can bring. If you’re living at The Esplanade, you can take advantage of the community’s on-site swimming pool. Seawater may also help clear up dermatitis—a common skin condition brought on by household cleaners.

If living by the water is your dream, contact Bozzuto today to secure your spot at The Esplanade. You’ll enjoy amenities, a plush place to live and reap all the benefits that living by the water brings.