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Local Hiking Trails

Local Hiking Trails- Stay Fit Around The Esplanade

We live in a hustle bustle world. Work, traffic, appointments and deadlines fill our lives with stress and leave us feeling uneasy.
Sometimes we all need some downtime. What is better than a local hike to clear our mind and unwind? Walking provides numerous health benefits including burning fat, lowering blood pressure, and elevating mood. Here at The Esplanade, numerous hiking trails are within a few miles of the community.

Just steps from Esplanade, The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail provides a link between the National Harbor and Virginia. This 3 mile paved trail crosses the Potomac River and is also perfect for an afternoon bicycle ride. This trail offers benches and interesting pavers with glyphs as you stroll by the water. On the National Harbor side, you will find plenty of restaurants, shopping, and afternoon activities for a fun-filled afternoon. One the Virginia side, the trail meets up with the Mount Vernon Trail for a continued walk.

The Mount Vernon Trail is one of DC’s most popular trails. This 18 mile trail passes through parks, neighborhoods, and woodlands. The majority of this trail is paved but there are sections that are wooden. It extends from Theodore Roosevelt Island Park to George Washington’s Estate in Mount Vernon and is used by cyclists as well. The center of the trail passes through Alexandria which is a perfect spot to stop for lunch or rest at a local café.

Rock Creek Park is DC’s oldest and largest urban park. Established in 1890, Rock Creek Park offers over 1,700 acres of land with both paved and unpaved areas. Over 4 miles of trail, parts will overlook Rock Creek. This park is perfect for an afternoon picnic or a place to take a long walk after a stressful day.

Although a 45 minute drive from Esplanade, Seneca Creek State Park is worth the trip. Offering over 6,300 acres, this park offers 14 miles of scenic areas along the Seneca Creek as it makes it way to the Potomac River. Seneca Creek State Park offers over 50 trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding and a map of these trails can be purchased at the park office. May through June is the ideal time of year to admire the gorgeous peony gardens are in bloom.

Foutainhead Regional Trail Park located near Fairfax Station Virginia is for the serious hiker. This 11 mile loop trail features some serious hills and borders a tributary of the Potomac River. It features mountain biking trails, a fishing lake and hiking trails. This majority of this park is closed for the winter.

A full list of local hiking and outdoor parks will be available with The Esplanade’s concierge.

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