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Organizing Your Home

Organizing Your Home

Your life at The Esplanade is swell. You live in a luxurious, spacious apartment packed with amenities. But if you’ve just moved in, you’re probably swimming in a big pile of stuff. And we all know that one of the hardest things about living anywhere is organizing everything. But before you get overwhelmed and give up, know that these tips can help you make the most of your space. By implementing these one at a time, you’ll whip your apartment into shape in no time.


One of the easiest ways to create more space is to make some. Use floating shelves on the walls to give yourself extra storage space. Consider free-standing metal shelves if you could use more room for kitchen essentials.


If you’d need extra hooks to hang towels or accessories on, consider these adhesive hooks. They adhere to the wall with adhesive so you don’t have to worry about nailing them to the wall. Once you’re finished with these, you simply pull on the adhesive tab and voilà! The tag’s off and you have a mess-free wall.


Pick your furniture wisely. A hallow ottoman can be used for storage. Just like a couch can too. Decide how much storage space you’ll ready need, and purchase your pieces accordingly.


Bookcases can be used to hold more than just your beloved titles. Place one in the entryway of your apartment to hold extra items. Better Homes and Garden even suggests placing drawers on a shelve to give you even more space to place your belongings.

Hide It

Got a table in the hallway? Then consider draping it with a cloth so you can hide extra items underneath. Consider placing cleaning supplies (hello Mr. Clean!) under there to keep them out of sight.


Pesky spaces like that corner behind the TV often just sit there and collect dust. Change that. Use baskets to collect and store other goods like back issues of TV Guide. Since you probably have a few remotes just lying around, put them there. Forbes also suggests angling furniture—like big chairs—to give you extra storage space.

Trays and Other Bathroom Organization Hacks

Since space in the bathroom is at a premium, you’ll want to make the most of what you have. Our favorite tips from Apartment Therapy include using a magnetic strip to hold easy-to-lose items like bobby pins, tweezers or other metal tools. Or use a simple metal or mirrored tray—you can find some beautiful new and used options—so you can neatly display your beautiful bathroom supplies like bottles of perfume or lotion.

Where to Buy

Bed Bath & Beyond in nearby Alexandria, Virginia is a great place to stock up on tools to get organized. The Container Store in Arlington, Virginia is another. If you’re up for the drive, make your way to Woodbridge, Virginia, for a large selection of affordable items at IKEA.

Now that you’ve organized all of your personal items, you can sit back and enjoy the perks of living at The Esplanade. Contact Bozzuto today to reserve your spot at this truly stellar property.

Image: Pixabay