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Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

While we should be kind to our planet every single day of the year, Earth Day is a special reminder to really pay attention to taking care of our planet.  Earth Day is recognized as the largest secular holiday in the world. For anyone looking for ways to be an active participant in Earth Day this year, here are some…

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Soar Above the Potomac River in the Iconic Capital Wheel in Washington D.C.

Soar Above the Potomac River in the Iconic Capital Wheel in Washington D.C. Take in the beauty of all that Washington D.C’s inner harbor has to offer with a birds-eye view in the Capital Wheel. The Capital Wheel is an iconic Ferris wheel with 42 temperature-controlled gondolas for year-round viewing and entertaining. This giant, majestic, wheel stands 180 feet above…

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Kickstart the Season!

OK, it isn’t springtime yet, but we are going to chat about Spring cleaning! The Spruce discusses six helpful tips on how you can better kickstart your spring season with a clean house. Spring cleaning is a common practice that allows us to freshen up our homes and get a head start on the often hectic seasons of spring and summer. It can…

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You can never have too much green!

Need some guidance on what crafts to do with your little ones this St. Patrick’s Day? Check out Country Living’s quick guide to entertain any member of the family. These crafts will ignite your creativity and stimulate your brain cells. Who knew you could be a professional crafter? These craft ideas range from a quick printable lunch-box joke to an…

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