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Yoga at The Esplanade

Relax and Unwind with Yoga at The Esplanade at National Harbor



At the Esplanade at National Harbor, we know our residents like to stay fit and healthy. After a long work day – or week – few things calm the mind, body and soul like yoga.

That’s why we’re bringing the healthy benefits of yoga directly to you! We are excited to announce that the Esplanade will host yoga classes right here on our property, for the convenience and enjoyment of our community.

Yoga classes will be led by Cath from National Harbor’s own Willpower. The fee for each class is just $10 – a small price to pay for fitness and relaxation!

Classes will be held in the Esplanade’s gorgeous Yoga Room on the following days:

Tuesdays from 6pm – 7pm

Saturdays from 1pm – 2pm

If you’re new to yoga, these classes are the perfect opportunity to see what this popular activity is all about. Don’t be shy – everyone was a beginner at some point – just come on down to the Yoga Room and give it a try!

Here are some quick tips so you’ll know what to expect from your first yoga class:

Come to class on an empty stomach. Wait about two hours after a big meal, one hour after a light snack.

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in but are not too loose or baggy. Shorts, athletic pants, and a tee shirt will be fine. You do not need to bring a thing to yoga class. I ask that you bring a mat if at all possible. If you like, you may bring a bottle of water, a small towel, etc.

Yoga is practiced in bare feet, so please take off shoes and socks. Our feet have tiny receptors on the bottom that will not be able to touch the ground with socks or shoes on. Bare feet also prevent slips and falls and teach us balance.

You do not need to be flexible, strong, or ‘healthy’ to do yoga. The benefits of yoga begin in the most basic expressions of the postures, and can be reached by children, the aged, and the injured with ease.

In every class, there will be a posture that you can’t do. There may be times you need to rest. Rest when you need. Do what you can. With an ongoing practice, you will change quickly and profoundly.