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Desserts by Gerard

What’s Your Favorite Treat at Desserts by Gerard?

The Grand Hotel in France. The Key Biscayne in Miami. Jean-Louis Restaurant in D.C. These are just a few of the renowned kitchens that pastry chef Gerard Huet has called home over the course of his 45-year career. As the man at the helm of Desserts by Gerard, he brings all of this experience to each treat that he and his team lovingly crafts.

On any given day, you can stop in to grab a sandwich or a pastry. Start your day with an almond croissant, a cinnamon-pecan Danish, or a blueberry scone. If you have a special event coming up, order a dozen cupcakes or a full-sized cake. Gerard’s strawberry shortcake—which comes in both forms—has a reputation that extends far beyond the boundaries of Oxon Hill. It’s always a safe bet if you’re not sure what type of treat to order.