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What Size Apartment Is Right For You?

Deciding where you want to live is a true challenge. You want the location, amenities and property size to be just right. If you’ve already made the (wise) choice of calling the National Harbor’s Esplanade home, now you’ve just got to determine what size apartment would best meet your needs. The building offers studio, one and two-bedroom apartments to suit your individual wants. If you’re struggling with what size space to call home, use this guide to help when you’re picking out your dream apartment.

Studio Apartment

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Esplanade’s spacious studio apartments come complete with one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, washer/dryer, a patio or terrace, living area and walk-in closets. Unlike most studios, these homes conveniently include a separate, closed-off bedroom so not everything is out in the open like a traditional studio. These homes would be perfect for one person or roommates/couples who don’t mind sharing common spaces. Before moving into one of these apartments, renters should ask: Am I OK with just one bedroom and one common area? Will this be enough space? If they’re sharing, they should ask if they’re OK with sharing most of the home? Am I OK with having an open kitchen that spills into the living room? How much closet space will I need?

One Bedroom

Each one bedroom home here includes a separate bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closets and patios or terraces too. Since these are roommate-style, this apartment would be perfect for a renter looking for a little more space or two people who don’t mine sharing living space. Renters looking into this apartment should ask themselves: How much space do I really need? Will I have a roommate? Am I comfortable with sharing space with a roommate/my significant other? How much closet space will I need?

Two Bedroom

Two bedroom homes at the Esplanade are ideal for single renters who are looking for plenty of space, families or two individuals looking to share a spacious apartment. Amenities here include a full-size kitchen, patios or terraces, walk-in closets, a full-size washer/dryer, common area, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Renters considering calling a two bedroom home their own should ask the following questions: How much space do I need? If I’m a single renter, what will I use the second bedroom for? Will this be spacious enough for my family? Am I OK with sharing common areas with my roommate?

After mulling over this decision and asking yourself the questions above, you’ll be sure to find your perfectly sized home at the Esplanade.