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Oxon Cove Park & Oxon Hill Farm

Step Back in Time at Oxon Cove Park & Oxon Hill Farm

Oxon Cove Park is an important piece of Maryland history, perhaps now more so than ever. The park was once a plantation home during the War of 1812, and then evolved to a hospital farm. There is much to discover at this picturesque park, from the Mount Welby historic house to self-guided tours of antique farm equipment and structures. Because of the pandemic, only the trails are currently open for walking or biking. Choose from the 1.6 mile hiker-biker trail of paved surfaces, or the half-mile woodlot trail through the forest area. And as restrictions continue to ease, you can also visit the Oxon Hill Farm for animal enclosures and the adjacent visitor center for more information on the history of the land. For now, utilize the website to learn more about the evolution of Oxon Cove Park and its surrounding areas. The site also has valuable links to other nearby attractions that can make a trip to Oxon Cove Park into a full day of discovery and learning.