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Marcela's Yoga Boutique

Stock Up On High Quality Yoga Apparel at Marcela’s Yoga Boutique

While yoga studios have cropped up all over the country in the past ten years, it can still be tricky to find high quality, affordable yoga gear, attire, and accessories. Marcela’s Yoga Boutique on South Washington seeks to solve that problem for Alexandria locals.

By partnering with fair-trade organizations across the country and around the world, Marcela’s offers workout apparel in all-natural fibers, as well as wicking tech fabrics. Aside from its clothing, you’ll also find instructional books and video sets that can help you get started on your fitness journey, mats, blocks, essential oils, and more.

In addition, Marcela organizes regular yoga retreats to exotic locales, workshops on Thai message, and special events like book club and wine and cheese nights. Experienced yoga teachers and newbies alike attend their workshops for education and fun, but most of all for a sense of supportive community, which Marcela’s has a reputation for promoting.