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Alexandria History

Take a Taste of Alexandria History at Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Co.

Alexandria is an old fashioned kind of town, so perhaps it is no surprise that one of its favorite ice cream parlors is Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Co, located in the heart of Old Town. The shop is named after Ray “Pop” Giovanni, who was famous in the DC area for his frozen desserts throughout the 1940s, making a particular impression on the Roosevelt White House.

Today, Pop’s in Alexandria serves Giovanni’s old fashioned recipes as well as some new ice cream creations, all made in-house. You’ll find over sixty different flavors of ice cream at this shop, as well as a handful of lactose-free soft serve varieties. Reviewers particularly recommend timeless favorites like cookies and cream or butter pecan, but you can also try more novel flavors like yellow cake or Butterfinger coffee. This place also serves an array of signature sundaes like the Johnny Appleseed, with chunks of apple pie, butterscotch and caramel over vanilla ice cream.