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Take In a Stunning City View Atop The Capital Wheel

It’s time to start making your summertime bucket list. Picnics by the water, lots of trips to local parks, perhaps a baseball game, and at least one trip around The Capital Wheel. This local landmark takes you high above the Potomac River for unparalleled views of the Washington Monument and other DC landmarks. If you have friends or family visiting this summer, it’s an absolute must to show off your gorgeous city.

But just because you’re a local doesn’t mean you should skip it. This past year has been particularly long, and a relaxed ride on The Capital Wheel might just be the perfect way to push your restart button. While you’re at The National Harbor, take advantage of all the nearby restaurants and attractions, like The Carousel, Flight Deck bar and restaurant, and other area hot spots. Living in DC has many perks, and access to The Capital Wheel is certainly one of them. Visit the website to purchase tickets, and to make the most of your visit to the Harbor.