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Target Is Now Open in Oxon Hill!

In October, Oxon Hill residents welcomed a new 82,000-square-foot Target location at 6163 Oxon Hill Drive. The store operates as a “small format” retail outlet, which means that in contrast to most other Targets, the interior of the Oxon Hill location is designed to feel like several smaller boutique shops under the same roof, each with its own carefully curated product selection that’s tailored to the needs of the local community. 

What does that mean for Oxon Hill shoppers? Well, it means that instead of a full grocery department, this Target has a more specialized food market with a few grocery staples and plenty of prepared snack-and-go options. Instead of a full-sized furniture department, this Target focuses on trendy home decor and design. In other words, while the stock at this store may be somewhat smaller than standard Target locations, it’s also full of unique, one-on-a-kind buys you won’t find elsewhere.