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Potomac Gourmet Market

Grab a Six-Pack To-Go at Potomac Gourmet Market

For all you need in one spot, Potomac Gourmet Market should be your go-to. This local gem is part grocery, part deli, part liquor store, and part specialty shop. They pride themselves in being a staple for locals to shop in the National Harbor area, as there aren’t too many options for snacks and groceries in this part of town. 

One huge draw is their selection of beer and wine. For a small shop, they have it all. You can create your own craft beer six-pack to go, there are rows upon rows of all the wine you could ever desire with options for everyone.

If you’re in need of groceries they stock great fresh produce, all the meats and cheeses you need to craft the perfect cheese plate and tons of specialty snacks and desserts. The truffles they sell, as well as all the cupcakes, are must-try items if you have a sweet tooth.

Until further notice the deli is closed due to COVID-19, however, once it’s up and running again (hopefully this month), get in line because everyone is going to be craving their delicious handcrafted sandwiches and breakfast platters!