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Lime Pie at Redstone

Save Room for a Slice of Key Lime Pie at Redstone

Summer is here and for a quintessentially summer meal, consider ordering dinner from Redstone American Grill. They have a recently updated curbside pickup menu that lends perfectly to crafting a delightful barbecue feast to devour at home.

If you’ve been to the restaurant before, you know that they’re famous for their fresh cornbread. Lucky for us, you can order an entire loaf to have it for a few days. Pair your cornbread with the baby back ribs, fried or barbecue chicken, or braised short ribs. Other sides you have to add to your summer barbecue feast are the mac and cheese and coleslaw. If you’re not in the mood for a barbecue feast, no worries: Redstone also serves steak cuts that pair perfectly with the fresh asparagus and mashed potatoes. That combo is especially perfect if you have a special occasion to celebrate at home! End your meal on a sweet note with one of their desserts; the key lime pie comes with rave reviews.