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The Old Town Shop: A Must-Shop Boutique Near The Esplanade

A historic relic of Alexandria’s past is what you will find at The Old Town Shop. The shop itself is a tribute to the historical past and current culture of our quaint, yet bustling little city. Treasures and troves are all found hidden in this little shop with trinket-type gifts, fancy glasses, and other antiques afoot. 

Here, you can find local gifts and souvenirs with a local focus. The boutique shines a spotlight on local artisans and makers, with items like soy candles from Capital Candles shop, jewelry from Watermelan Designs, and gourmet jelly from Napier Farms. You can also shop at the Port, which is a section of the store dedicated to the history of Alexandria, otherwise known as The Port. Here you will find signature gourmet food, antique collectibles, and books depicting the renowned history of this beautiful city.